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Shri Dhar Singh Group of Institution

The progress of any nation depends on the education of its men and women. We can not neglect importance of education. It has change life style of human. It play vital role in human life. It creates prosperity, joy, content and inner calm in heart of human. Education is the backbone for the progressing of a nation. Knowing it you will be glad, a education institution Shri Dhar Singh Group of Institution is opened for you .Education makes boys and girls familiar with one another and progress them for operation in later life. I crave for bright future and entire development of all students and members of this institution. You are cordially welcomed to our campus as a member of this institution. All the best.

Mr. Mahendra Singh Yadav

Shri Dhar Singh Group of Institution (Director)


Khanpur, Meja road,
Allahabad. 212303 (UP)

Phone: +91- 945 108 3701
                +91 947 357 7511